Service in which participating bring your items (skins) and when the amount is typed in 100 objects, the system determines the winner 1 who gets all of the included
items. The winner is randomly determined, the chance of winning depends on the amount of paid skins.
The larger and more expensive items You bet, the more chance to hit the jackpot! But even putting 1 cent, You have the opportunity to hit the jackpot!
You pay your items through the "Bet items", sending our trade bot. You can bet a maximum of 14 skins per round, the total sum of which shouldn't be less than 0$
We translate your items to points according to their price. 1 cent of price is equal to value of 1 point (1$ - 100 points). Chance of win depends on points. The more skins you bet - the better your chance of winning.
When round has reached 100 skins, we collect all points together and randomly choose one winner, but the priority of those participants who points more than the others. Winner Takes All items of the round.
Every 13th day of a month - there is no site fee for 1,000$+ and higher pots.
Max amount of skins - 14 items per round. There is no upper limits, but deposit should cost more than $0.
If any item be entered in the “Bank” on a recent Deposit and the count of items passes a certain threshold, they will be considered in the current round, since the user has made their participation in current and not in the previous round.
For the development of the site and the contests, we charge a Commission on each game - 10% off of all things game. Writing to nick CSGO.ONE you get a 5% to win, your Commission will be 5%. After changing nick, you need to re-login on the site.
Deposits and withdrawal of the prize Fund is almost instantaneous (up to 5 minutes).
Each time sending the items, You agree to the terms of use of the site.
Things are accepted only for CS:GO, other things will be rejected. So we can guarantee the correct valuation of things only when it is on the Steam market, otherwise your subject may be incorrectly evaluated.
You have the guarantee of receiving your items within 5 minutes after closing the pool. After this time we are not responsible for lost items.
If you cancel the exchange or sent a counter-proposal after the victory, your belongings returned to you will not, because the bot is not designed for re-sending things.
If our bot was banned within 30 minutes from the end of the match, we will refund only your bid, not the winning.
If you put in 30 seconds before the end of the match, then there is a possibility that your skins will get to the next game. We are not responsible for: steam does not always process exchanges instantly.
We do not store user data and can not use your account in any order. Your avatar and your nickname is visible to all visitors to the service in real time.
Why am I not receiving my winnings?
Newcomers to the site have to win twice in order to get their winnings.
You receive a trade offer maximum 5 minutes after winning.
Make sure your trade url is correct.
Your inventory should be set to public.