Rules & Limitations
    • Sending your items to bot, you do it voluntarily and agree to the rules. By putting your items in the game, you risk losing them because the winner can only be one.
  • 2. What are the max and min bets?
    • The minimum value for the items in a given bet is $0,01. The maximum number of items per player is 10 per game.
  • 3. How long is one round?
    • The game ends after 1:30 min or when 100+ items in total have been deposited.
  • 4. My skins went to another game!
    • The time it takes to add your deposit to the game varies from 5 to 30 seconds. In rare cases it may take more time because there are a large number of players in the queue or because the Steam system is running slowly.
  • 5. When does the winning come?
    • Trades with the winner`s prize are transferred instantly in automatic mode. If you have not received the trade with your prize within five minutes make sure 1) you have entered the link to the trade correctly, 2) your inventory is public (not marked as "hidden" in your privacy settings), and 3) you have less than the maximum of 1,000 items in your inventory.
    • If you do not pick up the win in one hour, it will be canceled. It is necessary to keep the bot`s inventories clean. Please accept all offer.
  • 7. What Service Commission is there?
    • The system`s commission ranges from 5-10% depending on the size of the prize and items in game.
  • 8. My skins went to another game
    • If you make a deposit when there are less than 30 seconds left in the current game your items may be added to the next game. We are not responsible for this – Steam does not transfer items instantly.

We reserve the right to send the winner a prize containing random items with a total value equivalent to the items from the drawing if the prize has not been delivered on time.
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